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Founded in 1994, Cornerstone Properties, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, “Cornerstone”), have been actively engaged in the investment, development, and property management of both residential and commercial real estate located primarily in the St Louis, Missouri area.

Successful property activities have included renovations and conversions of apartment buildings into condominiums, new construction of custom condos and single-family homes, and management of single and multi-family residences held for long-term investment purposes.


  • Sam Chimento

    Sam Chimento

    Sam Chimento has been developing real estate since 1994. Mr. Chimento led in the purchase, design, development, and marketing of 15 condominium developments, including urban infill and lake front resort locations.

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  • Anita Chimento

    Anita Chimento

    Anita is Chief Financial Officer, responsible for all financial, contractual, legal, property management and all other office administrative activities related to the company’s investment properties and development projects.

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  • Mark Wright

    Mark Wright

    Director of Construction, Mark Wright holds a BS in Construction Management from Central Missouri State. Mark Wright has over 20 years of construction experience.

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  • Julian Hess

    Julian Hess

    Julian Hess has been a Real Estate Professional with a track record of success in development, brokerage and management. The primary focus of all of these activities for the past 26 years has been in the Multi Family market.

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